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Natural Bee Products

Honey they produce is clean of toxins as for the treatment of bees use herbs.

(See "herbal extract" against Varroa bee)

Cultivation apply biological, ecological methods - not used drugs from the pharmacy, used a combination of herbs, thus not fed pesticides in honey (anti-parasite drugs have pesticide active ingredient).

Even do not already have paint for painting.

Honey melts air bath, which means that is not heated water, does not overheat but melts upon the conditions in the bee family.

Do not use repellents but mechanically conveyed through special trays bees in the honey extraction from the combs.

Acaricidal conventional medicines contain pesticides such as, fluvalinate, flumethrin, amitraz, coumaphos, etc., Which frankly are carcinogenic.

The problem of harmful honey comes from the use of such products that accumulate in honey and wax, rather than industrial agriculture.

For this purpose, produce wax (based on Honeycomb) from own wax, so as not to allow the penetration of already polluted one.

And let's not forget that herbs in the forest nor fertilized or sprayed.

Natural Bee Products